Andrew Sykes

Occupation: Postdoc
Nickname: Sykesy
Specialization: Many-Body theory
PhD: University of Queensland, 2009.
With group since: 2012

Quote: “It’s the nutritional equivalent of a pork chop."

Sykes publications in the group:

Quenching to Unitarity: Quantum Dynamics in a 3D Bose Gas
            A. G. Sykes, J. P. Corson, J. P. D’Incao, A. P. Koller, C. H. Greene, A. M. Rey, K. R. A. Hazzard, and J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A 89, 021601(R) (2014).

Noneqiulibrium Dynamics of an Ultracold Dipolar Gas
 A. G. Sykes and J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A 91, 013615 (2015).

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