Odds and Ends

My work with Ugo Fano, and spinoffs

Extracting Dynamics from Collision Data I: Analysis of Integral Angular Momentum 
J. Bohn and U. Fano, Phys. Rev. A 41, 5953 (1990).

Observable Characteristics of Pure Quantum States 
J. Bohn, Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 1547 (1991).

Phase-Amplitude Method Applied to Doubly-Excited States of He( 1S e) 
J. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A 49, 3761 (1994).

Multichannel Quantum Mechanics as a Hamiltonian Phase Flow 
J. Bohn and U. Fano, Phys. Rev. A 50, 2893 (1994).

Total Eigenphase Description of Multiparticle Quantum Systems 
J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A 51, 1110 (1995).

Fragmentation of Atomic Systems 
J. L. Bohn and U. Fano, Phys. Rev. A 53, 4014 (1996).

Geometry and Symmetries of Multiparticle Systems 
U. Fano, D. Green, J. L. Bohn, and T. Heim, J. Phys. B 32, R1 (1999).

Many-Body Coulomb Problem in the Phase-Energy Representation
J. L. Bohn, Physics Essays 13, 350 (2000).
(Sadly, not available electronically. You can write to the author for a copy of this, but he'll probably tell you to go jump in a lake.)

Atomic Photoionization

Dominance of Short-range Correlations in Photoejection-induced Excitation Processes 
K. W. Meyer, J. L. Bohn, C. H. Greene, and B. D. Esry, J. Phys. B 30, L641 (1997).

Nanoscale devices

Theory of Transport through an Array of Devices with Transverse Exit Leads  J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. B 56, 4132 (1997).

Near-Field Optical Microscopy

Field Enhancement in Apertureless Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy . J. L. Bohn, D. J. Nesbitt, and A. Gallagher, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 18, 2998 (2001).

Atom Optics

Wave Mechanics of a Two-wire Atomic Beamsplitter -- D. C. E. Bortolotti and J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A 69, 033607 (2004).

Physics of Baseball

Influence of a Humidor on the Aerodynamics of Baseballs -- E. R. Meyer and J. L. Bohn, American Journal of Physics 76, 1015 (2008).

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