The Group Through History

The origins of the Bohn group are sadly lost to the mists of history.


By 2006, the group included (left-to-right) Daniele Bortolotti, Shai Ronen, Ed Meyer, Manuel Lara, and John Bohn.  I would not mess with these guys.

group fall 2006

In 2008: Ryan Wilson, Ed Meyer, Bohn, Goulven Quemener, and Shai Ronen.

group fall 2008

  By 2011, the group could be pretty serious at times…

group serious 11

… but was awfully supportive nonetheless. (Left to right: Michael Mayle, Brandon Ruzic, Goulven Quemener, Ryan Wilson. Horizontal: Bohn.)

group support 11

The Crew in 2013: Brandon Ruzic, James Croft, Andrew Sykes, Michele Sze, and John Corson.


And in 2015: Left-to-right, Lucie Augustovicova, Michele Sze, Bohn, John Corson, Arnaud duPasquier.

Group 2015

The Old Timers meet up once in a while.  Here is a reunion in Stellenbosch, South Africa, including Aleksandr Avdeenkov, Bohn, Chris Ticknor, and Goulven Quemener.


And here is a reunion in an Undisclosed Location, c. 2015.

Reunion DAMOP 16

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