The Impossible Thought* (The Theorists' Anthem)

Lyrics ©2007 by John Bohn
Performed by Manuel Lara, “Don Manolo de la Molecules"

Listen to the song here (MP3 format)

To think the impossible thought,
To learn what nobody has known,
To crunch the uncrunchable number,
To fly where the data have flown! 

To crack the unbreakable code,
To show the experiments how,
To pose non-intuitive theories,
To say it's a spherical cow! 

This is our task, to make things make sense,
No matter how baffling, no matter how dense.
To picture the world with equations and graphs,
To advance explanations while hoping that nobody laughs. 

At the end, if our theory is sound, and our math is complete, Then we'll go for a beer at the pub at the end of the street.

But we know there is still more to do,
Though our brains, just like flags, come unfurled,
We'll still theorize upon Nature
To grasp the empirical world!

*Based on "The Impossible Dream," by Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion, from the musical "Man of La Mancha"

   © John Bohn 2013